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Our experience with Cute German Shepherd Puppies Pups has been wonderful.
We have had several dogs in our family over the years and went into unfamiliar territory with a German Shepherd. Our son always wanted a German Shepherd. Our experience with Cute German Shepherd Puppies has been wonderful. Their selective breeding, careful and loving rearing and then their abilities to match the dog’s personality with our request was right on target. We couldn’t be happier with Brooke.

Larry White

This is the only breeder I would trust!
For anyone interested in a high quality pure bred German Shepherd, this is the only breeder I would trust! From conformation to working ability to temperament, is unbeatable. They are also dedicated to performing every test they can on their breeding animals to ensure they do not pass on congenital/genetic diseases in their lines. Whether you are looking for a working German Shepherd or family pet, please consider Cute German Shepherd Puppies Pups!!

Ashley Spiller

Exactly what I wanted and needed.
I have had German Shepherds all my life. But I have never had dogs like the ones from Cute German Shepherd Puppies Pups..
It wasn't just the setting or the nature of the dogs. It was the whole package: good dogs and good training..
Sandy Stokes not only provided me with ideal animals, but she also provided me with the training I needed to keep my dogs happy and healthy..
Sandy was always there with advice, additional training, and care for my dogs whenever needed..
This setting and attention may not be for everyone, but it was exactly what I wanted and needed to make my two dogs, Duke & Duchess, a loving part of my family and my life.

Robert Butt

I've been searching and searching for another German Shepherd for months. I lost my first German Shepherd after 17 years. I wasn't sure if I even wanted another puppy or dog because the heartache was so overwhelming. Then a few people said,” there’s another dog out there looking for love”. I tried shelters and rescues but I never got ”That feeling” so thanks to Cute German Shepherd Puppies Pups I started looking at German Shepherds again.

Barbara Pollard

I searched the internet for hours looking for a breeder that was right for me. I wanted a breeder who had a training program, updated us on our puppy, and dog parents had great temperaments. We received our Standard German Shepherd, Elliott, from Cute German Shepherd Puppiess. He was our first German Shepherd and we could not be happier with him or the breeder. Before he was even born, Francis updated us weekly with how the pregnancy was going. After being born, pictures and videos were posted several times a week which really put me at ease. Elliott stayed for the Therapy Foundations program too and he did great! We have never had a puppy this easy. His personality is my favorite part of him though. He lies down to eat and drink, he watches TV, and he is so calm. He loves to play with his toys but isn’t rambunctious or hard to deal with. We couldn’t be happier with the breeder we chose.

Jill Minich

She has stolen our hearts!

I heard about Red Cute German Shepherd Puppies through a friend who bought a Cute German Shepherd Puppies puppy in 2017. Nerise is a brilliant, enthusiastic puppy with lots of energy. She has integrated well into our family of two other older dogs. We have started her in basic obedience, and she picks up new things very fast. She loves people and accepts human leadership well. She also has a very sweet disposition.
I love crazy Nerise. She is very smart

Shirley Gray